TMGcore Unveils Robot-Managed Immersion Data Centers

TMGcore has launched its OTTO system, a modular data center platform using immersion cooling and managed by software and robots. (Image: TMGcore)

Are you ready for robots swapping out high-density servers immersed in fluid?

TMGcore believes the market is indeed ready for its OTTO data center platform, which is launching at the SC19 conference in Denver. The two-year old company has been refining its technology in a Dallas-area data center, test-driving its two-phase immersion cooling with bitcoin mining hardware, and developing custom servers, a series of micro-data center enclosures, and a robotic system to replace servers.

“We’ve redefined what a data center looks like,” said John-David Enright, the CEO of TMGcore, which is partnering with Vertiv, Jabil, Corgan, 3M and Dell Technologies to bring its offering to the data center market.

TMGcore says the OTTO platform offers extreme density and efficiency that can radically reduce the space and cost to deploy IT infrastructure.

The OTTO system is perhaps the most ambitious effort yet to create an autonomous data center that can be managed by software and robotics. Enright says it is a response to powerful new hardware that will be difficult to cool with traditional air cooling.

“It became very apparent to us that there’s a big problem,” said Enright. “It’s becoming more expensive and difficult to maintain the amount of compute that companies need to support their business. It’s going to become a game-stopper that will halt innovation and stifle growth.”

Extreme Density, Extremely Small Footprint

The OTTO system brings together multiple forward-leaning technologies to create its platform. These include:

  • A micro data center module that can be deployed in three form factors – 60kW, 120kW and 600kW. The OTTO enclosures can be stacked and operate indoors or outdoors, The system can be expanded in increments to manage capital.
  • Two-phase immersion cooling, in which servers are…

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