Titan Investment Bridges the Digital World With Blue-Chip Art

Titan Investment Limited (TITAN) is an innovative blockchain-based company incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI). Its parent holding company is Alphaseed Technology Ltd, a worldwide fintech firm located in Dubai. The company is multi-dimensional and technology-oriented as it represents a mix of blue chip assets as well as an art marketplace and tokenization platform called Artemos.

This company connects the digital world with real assets. The firm helps mainly to solve the issue of high obstructions to enter art as an investment asset class through blue-chip art fractionalization.

TITAN Token Sale

Titan is represented by a token symbol Ti22, an ERC-1400 protocol-related token created on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders will have fractional ownership of bluechip art as well as any financial rewards coming from the art marketplace.

Titan Token Distribution
Titan Token Distribution

 The above chart shows the token distribution of Ti22. Notably, 49% of the token is allocated for token sale. This platform has successfully completed the seed round, the first round of its scheduled private token sale during April 2021 where the company has sold 25,000 tokens raising $625,000 in round 1 (calendar of 30 days).

The token sale will end in three rounds, with part of the proceeds to be utilized for the development of their key platform, Artemos, the art digital marketplace. And where the discount of token price will drop each round.

Round 2 of token sale started on May 02, 2021 wherein the platform sells 100,000 tokens at $48. This indicates a 14% discount from the actual price of $56. Final round will be scheduled around early June 2021. This round will consider the public token offering price.

TITAN’s Holding Portfolio Built on Three Main Assets

  1. Vincent Van Gogh “Ginger Jar Filled with Chrysanthemums”: The painting has been examined by the Van Gogh Museum. For instance, the label of the museum is still on the back of the painting. It is fully insured by UNIQA Insurance Group AG,…

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