Tipper to Usher Social Media Paradigm Shift Where Tipping Pays and Every User Earns

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There comes a time when you can’t help but wonder – what if all these likes had some sort of intrinsic, real-world value? What if it could pay for your morning coffee – or better yet, that continental cruise (affording you more creativity to leverage more likes for more cruises)? Tipper is creating a decentralized, social economy for just that.   

Boldly declaring “no more likes, just tips”, Tipper is a game-changing social media platform for an increasingly creative and energetic generation. The platform’s “ecosystem” will make it possible for ingenuity to buy users their morning coffee or make them millionaires based on patronage.

Create. Tip. Create More

A lot of energy, time, and creativity goes into creating social media contents, however, monetizing these contents remains an impossible venture for most. Tipper empowers social media platform users to monetize their contents and earn from ads through the platform incentivizing mechanisms.

The platform’s groundbreaking protocol, developed on its own blockchain, distributes all ad revenues back to the users and liberates advertisers and brands from fake views. Businesses can now directly target their intended demographics through “branded tips”, while content creators no longer have to worry about the random demonetization problem inherent on centralized platforms.

Rock-Solid Pillars

Every user on Tipper can earn through the four core pillars supporting the revolutionary platform ’s monetization features; Two-way Tipping, Content Investing, Monetization, and Branded Tips.   

Two-way Tipping: “Likes”, “votes”, and “views” have failed to properly translate the value of a content. Tips, on the other hand, not only quantify their value but also empowers and encourages the creator to do more. There is no limit to the of tips that users can earn on Tipper, giving viral contents a whole new meaning.

Content Investing: For those who don’t feel like creating content, Tipper allows anybody to invest in other people’s content through its Content Marketplace Investing feature, a world’s first. The feature enables a user to invest in the content of their favorite creator, netting them 5% of whatever the content makes for the creator.  

Monetization: With ¾ of the world’s population possessing internet-capable devices with full multimedia support, exciting and unforgettable moments can now be easily documented and distributed. These moments that bind millions together can now be used to earn millions through Tipper.

Brand Tip: Tipper Blockchain Protocol is all about monetizing every aspect of social media including ad revenue. Utilizing the low-cost efficiency of its blockchain, 100% of all ad revenue coming into the Tipper platform goes back to the community.

A Scalable Blockchain Platform

The greatest challenge being faced by existing blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is scalability. These platforms are unable to scale up properly for real-world, requiring a much faster and high-performance blockchain for commercial usage. Tipper is not only developing such a blockchain, it has also tailored the development to facilitate micropayments, opening the door to the world’s first true blockchain currency of commerce.

Tipper boosts of the following features:

  • 250,000+ Microtransactions/s (For YouTube-scale video (data) decentralization)
  • 50,000+ Transactions/s (For Tipping (payments) on the blockchain)
  • Transaction Level Mining (Breaking the mining pools)
  • Multi-chain Mining (Scalability)
  • Host Mining
  • Quality of Service
  • Privacy
  • The platform’s Token Generation Event is currently live at 4000 TIPR per ETH.

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