Times Investing in an Altcoin like DasCoin is Better than Bitcoin

By: Vintage Value Investing
Harvest Exchange
June 26, 2018

Buying Altcoins like DasCoin are Better than Bitcoin Investments

The term altcoins refer to all digital alternatives to Bitcoin. Most alternative coins were introduced shortly after the success of Bitcoin. Altcoins are slowly getting on to their maturity stages and most have solid investments. Some of the popular names like Ripple, Ethereum and DasCoin have other benefits than just simply being currency. When you are investing in an altcoin, you might receive access to their blockchain environment or their software product.

With altcoins still nearing their maturity period, many experts predict huge growth for coins. Here are some pointers to help you decide whether an altcoin investment is better than Bitcoins.

Why Altcoins like DasCoin are Better Investment Options

Altcoins like DasCoin have become very popular among people because of their real-world usability. Let’s take a look at how they are better than Bitcoin.

  1. Better Coin Environment

Altcoins like DasCoin have a better ecosystem around them. The developers received ample time to work on Bitcoin’s shortcomings and make a better overall coin. As a result, the coins are very stable and less prone to security breaches. They have also built up project teams with cryptocurrency experts and most coins have a loyal following.

  1. Faster Transactions

The use of latest blockchain enables users to transfer coins very quickly. Altcoin transaction speeds are light years ahead of Bitcoin speeds with most transaction happening within the first 10 seconds. This transaction speed will also help altcoins to be available for general use.

  1. Better ROI

Altcoins offer a better return on investments than Bitcoins. After Bitcoins bull run, its value is coming down to the level which experts predicted. Because of their growth phase, altcoins are always increasing their market value. The chances of getting a return on your first week or even the first day are very high with many…

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