Three Biggest Takeaways from Bitcoin Convert Paul Tudor Jones’ Investment Letter

  • Billionaire macro investor Paul Tudor Jones admitted that his fund is investing in Bitcoin.
  • Tudor Investment Corp’s Tudor BVI fund points at holding a “low single-digit percentage” of Bitcoin Futures.
  • The announcement sends Bitcoin prices above $10,000 overnight, leaving behind three biggest takeaways from the cryptocurrency’s new institutional milestone.

Most in the Bitcoin community had never heard of Paul Tudor Jones until this Thursday.

But the emerging group of developers, financial professionals, anti-fiat activists, and speculators cheered as the famed billionaire macro investor announced that his fund would invest in bitcoin. In a market outlook letter, titled “The Great Monetary Inflation,” Mr. Jones said his Tudor BVI fund might hold as much as “low single-digit percentage” of the cryptocurrency’s futures.

The herd rejoiced and sent the bitcoin prices above $10,000 in a wild overnight rally, with some top analysts within the crypto space calling Mr. Jones’ entry into the Bitcoin club “big.” Barry Silbert, a celebrated venture capitalist, quoted an excerpt from Mr. Jones’ investment letter.

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The statement served as one of the most significant validations of Bitcoin as Digital Gold, a claim that has met skepticism from prevalent gold bugs like Peter Schiff. But Mr. Jones did it his homework as he compared the two distinctive assets with one another – that now serves as the first biggest takeaway from his letter.

#1 Gold Déjà vu

Mr. Jones drew an analogy between Bitcoin and gold in the mid-1970s. That was the period in which the yellow metal had been first productized for the futures market. The yellow metal had previously tripled its prices in a bull market but corrected by more than 50 percent two years after the futures’ launch.

Gold served as a reminiscent to Bitcoin, noted Mr. Jones. The cryptocurrency surged exponentially ahead of the launch of its first futures in January 2018. But it corrected later by up…

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