This entity could be stopping Ethereum from seeing an “utter meltdown”

Ethereum has seen some relatively strong price action today, with the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization rising in tandem with Bitcoin and virtually all other major altcoins.

In spite of this short-term technical strength, one prominent Bitcoin whale noted in a recent tweet that he believes there is one surprising entity that is stopping ETH from seeing what he describes as an “utter meltdown.”

He notes that this group could be the suspect behind the massive Ethereum buy order and margin longs seen on popular cryptocurrency trading platform Bitfinex.

Bitcoin whale: ETH being artificially supported so that it avoids a “meltdown”

J0E007 – one of the most profitable traders on Bitfinex – spoke about these unusually large buy walls and margin long positions in a recent tweet, explaining that he believes it could be the Ethereum Foundation’s attempt to absorb the extra ETH supply and stop the crypto from seeing a full meltdown.

“I guess growing ETH margin long mega-position on Bfx is how Ethereum Foundation gang absorbs extra ETH supply and prevents ETH price from complete and utter meltdown. I mean, ain’t it crazy.”

He further went on to explain in response to a question about the evidence backing this claim that although it is speculative, it is based primarily on a few key observances:

“It is a guess based on personal observation that ETH margin long volume seems to increase specifically when ETH price experiences downward pressure. Also, ETH margin longs seem to only increase, and almost never decrease, which is quite unusual for such speculative instrument.”

If this is the case, it would be bearish for Ethereum’s long-term outlook, as it casts a shadow over the cryptocurrency’s perceivable fundamental strength that many analysts and investors often reference.

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