This Crypto Joke is a Better Investment Than Bitcoin

By CCN: Originally created as a programmer’s practical joke, Dogecoin has defied the odds to cement its place near the top of the crypto market cap. Joke or not, however, this cryptocurrency is about to mount a serious challenge to Bitcoin, and prescient investors could yield a 185 percent windfall.

Dogecoin Flashes Wildly Bullish Signal

Through the years, one crypto trading formula that has stood the test of time is buying support while the market is oversold. The more oversold, the better.

That’s because oversold conditions provide selling relief. In other words, supply tends to dry up because the price is so low that no one’s interested in selling. Meanwhile, buyers return because the market is cheap.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Rising demand plus low supply very often equates to a price surge

We’re seeing this dynamic happen in Dogecoin, which is currently priced at $0.00294 or 38 satoshis (0.00000038 BTC).

Dogecoin trades at strong support while close to oversold territory. | Source: TradingView

A quick look at the daily chart illustrates how Dogecoin bounced at the durable support of 35 satoshis (0.00000035 BTC) on May 13. This bounce was spurred by extreme oversold conditions. Unfortunately, the bounce was short-lived, as bottom-pickers quickly took profits.

Nevertheless, we expect the market to retest 35 satoshis (0.00000035 BTC) in the next few days and become oversold again. If Dogecoin hangs on for dear life, the race to the range high of 100 satoshis (0.00000100 BTC) would be on.

We’re confident that this cryptocurrency is likely to move bullishly – just as it did before – because it is painting a familiar pattern.

Crypto Market Psychology Points to Imminent Rally

Technical analysis is the study of human behavior through historical price action. It captures market psychology by assuming that what happened in the past is likely to happen again in the future.

We’re seeing this assumption play out in…

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