This Chart Shows Why Tesla Is Destroying Traditional Car Companies

  • Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck last week to divided opinions.
  • Tesla’s launch was much more successful than Ford’s latest electric car attempt, Google search trends reveals.
  • Pre-orders massively outpace Volkswagen’s latest electric car orders.

Elon Musk launched the Tesla Cybertruck last week and sent the internet into a feeding frenzy. But it’s more than just a gimmick. It’s proof that Tesla is lightyears ahead of Ford, Volkswagen and every traditional car company.

Cybertruck excitement crushes Ford’s electric Mustang

Don’t believe me? Check out the Google search volume when Ford launched its ‘Tesla-killer’ – the all-electric Mustang Mach-E compared to the Cybertruck.

Tesla cybertruck pre-order search volume
Google search volume for ‘Cybertruck pre order’ dwarfs Ford’s electric Mustang launch. Source: Ark Invest / Google Trends

Ford’s most ambitious new product in decades was met with crickets compared to Tesla’s latest offering. As Ark Invest’s Tasha Keeney put it:

“According to Google search volume, while Tesla did smash a couple of windows, it still piqued more buyer interest than did Ford’s Mach E on the day of its launch event last week.” – Tasha Keeney.

You might say that Google searches aren’t a particularly accurate view of demand. But Ark dug deeper and found the vast majority of search volume came from the exact customers Musk is targeting. It worked.

200,000 Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders crush Volkswagen numbers

Musk has already booked 200,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck over the weekend, amounting to $20 million in deposits. Compare that…

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