This Blockchain Executive is Advocating For More Black Women To Enter The Fintech Space

Unsurprisingly, the financial services and tech industries are grossly lacking when it comes to diversity. Yet, that didn’t stop Kahina Van Dyke from taking a unique career pathway to becoming one of the few Black women senior leaders in Silicon Valley.

Van Dyke spent the early part of her career holding global executive roles at MasterCard and Citibank. Her “20 years in traditional companies doing nontraditional things” led her to be recruited by Facebook to lead the Global Financial Services team and build the global payments partnerships team.

Now she is the SVP of Business and Corporate Development at Ripple, a platform that allows users to seamlessly send and receive money globally.

Being the only woman or Black employee in a room is nothing new for Van Dyke. As a senior executive who has worked in the finance industry and Silicon Valley, she’s seen first hand the racial and gender disparities that continue to be an issue.

“It’s my responsibility to help spread the word around women getting into tech and Black women getting into blockchain, which I believe is the future of tech,” shared Van Dyke.

Using her position to be visible, she hopes that sharing her story of what’s possible in this space will encourage other women to enter this world.

“We are at the forefront of a new technology, and if we want the pipeline of CEOs in 10 years and 15 years of the largest companies in the world, to look different than the ones of the [Internet-age] then we need people to be leaning into blockchain right now,” she explained.

Blockchain technology is being used by businesses to make the exchange of money and global payments more manageable, and it’s a technology that more tech companies are incorporating in their business financial models. At Ripple, Van Dyke oversees the strategic investments and partnerships with some of the largest companies and financial institutions and payment providers in the world and Ripple’s XRP markets…

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