There are Twitter rumours circulating that China have started legalising crypto exchanges

A crypto Twitter account has been causing a stir. As the tweet suggests it seems that someone has got hold of official documents saying that some cryptocurrency exchanges are being legalized.

The photo shows a “real photo” of a cryptocurrency exchange license agreement. This rumour comes at a time when Binance announce they are due to open an office in Beijing.

After some digging, I was able to find a link to the photo and it came from a website called Tianyancha. They are a large data technology company having a vast repository of Chinese enterprise information, Crypto Even has said. However, the site does not permit foreign access. So if you are based anywhere other than China you cannot log in.

After Chinese President Xi pumped the Bitcoin price by saying the world powerhouse will become a leading nation in blockchain technology. The press have been looking for stories and developments in China surrounding cryptocurrencies. I must stress this is not verified by anyone but it has set tounges wagging.

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