The_Donald migrated to a custom-made uncensored reddit alternative in a matter of days. Bitcoiners have suffered even more from censorship here, yet are not willing to commit to using blockchain-based alternatives. What do you think is the reason for that? : btc

Sure, user experience on and memo was subpar in the past, but all the BCH-based alternatives look pretty decent at the moment.

Could it be that fully replicating reddit’s UI makes the process easier?

IMO it’s either that or the fact that their subreddit makes heavy use of stickied messages.

The third reason I could think of is that we’re hoping to introduce redditors to bitcoin cash, thus an active community here could be helpful. But this still doesn’t explain the significantly lower activity on the alternative websites…

What do you guys think? I think a discussion like this could greatly help memo,, and satoshiwall…

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