The World Gold Miner Tokenizes Assets, Opens Up Trading On Coinsbit And Simex Exchanges

Investors are not willing to throw money on just the ideas; they also need to ascertain that there is something for real.

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In the recent times, we’ve seen a great hype and rush around crypto markets with big and small investors being drawn by promises of getting big rewards by a big group of emerging players. What followed after this was the majorly publicized ‘The Great Crypto Crash’ of 2018 that led to the failing or struggle of many coins.

That bubble busted because at that time many amateur players and investors crowded the market recklessly and quickly. Sustainable business model, critical details and on-boarding experienced management—these critical factors became afterthought, some of these also fell in the category of fraudulent ones.

We have entered into a new era of cryptocurrencies. It is undeniable that investors today are not blindly betting on the future, like it was done previously. We have all become more and more curious about use cases and actual revenues. Investors are not willing to throw money on just the ideas; they also need to ascertain that there is something for real.

GoldFinX is a next-generation fintech which is based on a very profitable and strong business model that has been architected in a way that it focuses on delivering long-term value and is vastly scalable. By targeting a much neglected sub-sector of the world’s multi-trillion dollars of gold market industry, the company has opened access for institutional and retail investors which enable them to tap into a failsafe and core opportunity.

This presents an opportunity which prevails during a high-growth, rapidly increasing segment of the gold extraction and production market, which is a consistently attractive and has lured investment at a price which has…

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