The Winter Line – Appocalypse

We’ve now been privy to three out of the six parks that Delos contains.
And so, it’s rather kind of the showrunners to lift the veil of another theme park
in its sophomore Season 3 outing. Warworld posits a delicious premise for Westworld
lovers. Set in the World War era where Nazi Germany reigns, there is enough material
worth mining to create an spin and entire new spin-off show out of Warworld
alone. But our visit to this place is rather short-lived as it has more to do with
our reintroduction to one of the series’ most well-rounded characters.

Continuing from last episode’s post-credits stinger, we follow Maeve
as she awakens in a different world. Decked in early nineteenth century attire
with a different hairstyle, it doesn’t take her long to access her programming
and figure out something is off. When Hector arrives to her rescue, he feels
the same, although we know better to believe that this is a ruse and she’s
merely trapped in yet another narrative. What we still haven’t comprehended is
how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Westworld pulls off an Inception
of sorts by having Maeve trapped in a world within a world. For as she soon
deduces, the entire theme park is part of a simulation world where the machines
have simulated even Delos operations, including Felix, Sylvester and Lee Sizemore.
Yes, Simon Quarterman returns for a delightful cameo with misplaced motivations
that are a part of a programming error. As Maeve later reveals, he didn’t save
me because he loved me or fantasized me; he did it because he was a good man.

The reveal of it all being a simulation is done ingeniously as the aspect ratio gradually shifts Oz style from 16:9 to 2.35:1. It’s a great trippy moment that for once brings back memories of the time when Westworld contorted time and timelines to keep audiences guessing. Also delightful to witness are Maeve’s attempts at not backing down but instead trying to find a way out of the system by overloading…

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