The Top Five Most Impactful NBA Trades of the Decade

  • NBA trade season has officially begun.
  • Some of the biggest moves of the decade helped create dynasties.
  • The most impactful trade helped demolish a dynasty.

NBA trade season has officially begun. In recent days, the Utah Jazz sent Dante Exum and picks to Cleveland for Jordan Clarkson. This is the first NBA trade in over five months, but it certainly won’t be the last.

After a monumental amount of player movement over the summer, it’s a good time to reflect on the most impactful NBA trades of the decade. Impactful can mean the effect on a team, a player, or the entire league. Let’s take a look.

5) TIE – AD to Lakers/ PG to Clippers (2019)

The impact of these trades will only expand as time progresses, but since they both happened just this summer, the two teams share the fifth spot. What makes these moves unique is they’ve instantly created two title contenders where there were none. The Anthony Davis experiment is working out better than anyone could’ve imagined so far. LeBron is having an epic 17th season, but without AD, it would be futile.

Paul George linking up with Kawhi Leonard gives the Clippers a two-way wing duo like we haven’t seen since Jordan and Pippen. Combined, these teams have brought Los Angeles back into the center of the NBA universe.

4) Kevin Love to Cleveland Cavaliers (2014)

When LeBron announced he was returning home, he made sure he wasn’t doing it alone. Having gotten used to big threes in Miami, LeBron found himself with yet another in Cleveland. Minnesota traded their franchise player, Kevin Love, for what they thought would be their new franchise player in Andrew Wiggins.

The Wolves had just drafted Wiggins first overall as a highly regarded prospect. Five years later, Wiggins still hasn’t quite panned out, despite starting this season on fire.

Love and LeBron joined Kyrie Irving in Cleveland and went on to dominate the East for four years. The trio gave us one of the most memorable Finals in NBA history in 2016…

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