The Ternoa Blockchain (CAPS) Unveils SecretNFT, Its NFT Platform – Sponsored Bitcoin News

The Ternoa Blockchain has just unveiled the alpha version of its SecretNFT Marketplace, a platform entirely dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform, which uses Ternoa’s own CAPS token, comes with many features to promote its adoption among artists and lovers of NFTs.

Ternoa launches its NFT platform, SecretNFT

The Ternoa Blockchain has just unveiled the first version of its SecretNFT Marketplace, a new platform entirely dedicated to NFTs.

The NFT marketplace allows artists to issue authenticated digital artworks in a single edition. Ternoa’s platform boasts a number of innovations, not least the so-called SecretNFT, a feature that makes artists’ works even more unique.

This platform represents the first full-scale test of the Ternoa Blockchain, with all NFTs present on SecretNFT Marketplace hosted on the Chaos Net, a Ternoa testnet. All works hosted on the SecretNFT Marketplace are therefore certified on the Ternoa blockchain to avoid any falsification.

Since the SecretNFT Marketplace ecosystem is powered by CAPS, Ternoa’s native cryptocurrency, users will be able to purchase NFTs with CAPS as soon as the platform is open to the public.

To deploy this alpha version of the SecretNFT Marketplace, Ternoa partnered with 12 different artists, who forged a total of 26 NFTs on the platform. At the moment, the SecretNFT Marketplace is still in an experimental phase and many planned features yet to be added.

In total, the Ternoa team is working with 30 artists to continue enhancing the SecretNFT catalogue. New works of art will be added every 2 or 3 weeks on the platform. In the not too distant future, however, SecretNFT will be fully open to the public and any user will have the opportunity to forge their own NFTs there.

Lots of customization options

The SecretNFT Marketplace allows NFT-creators to customize their digital works using several features: “Protect”, “Secret” and “Blur”. Of…

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