The Student Coin Launchpad ICO, Just Few More Days to Become Part of an Academia-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem

The biggest ICO of 2021 is now underway, a claim by the Student Coin project which is not far from the truth as it is backed by one of the largest communities in the world – Academia. Operated by students, faculties and entrepreneurs from over 20 different universities, Student Coin is an initiative to create an easy-to-use universal ecosystem for wide-scale tokenization across industries.

Powered by native STC token, the project strikes an ideal balance between the business and education part by creating a DeFi ecosystem complete with products like STC wallet, STC Terminal, STC Exchange, STC App and an educational panel.

Tokenization for Personal and Professional Needs

Industries and individuals alike are exploring the use of blockchain technology in their regular business. As the need for tokenization continues to rise, Student Coin makes it easy for users to conceptualize, create and manage personal, corporate, NFT and DeFi tokens based on their requirements. These tokens operate as any other utility token, with functionalities including voting, staking, governance, and more.

The Student Coin ecosystem comes with a complete set of tools and utilities to help users utilize the platform’s capabilities to the fullest. The entire offering of the Student Coin ecosystem can be accessed through the Student Coin app. The STC Wallet application available on the Student Coin app allows users to store and manage STC and other cryptocurrencies. It also implements a staking feature for users can stake STC and ETH to earn daily as well as monthly returns.

STC Terminal and Exchange Platform

The Student Coin project already has a working app and wallet in place. While investors continue to participate in the ongoing ICO, the platform continues to build other crucial features that make the project stand apart from the rest. Currently under development, the STC Terminal is the place where users can create their own custom tokens in few simple steps.

Meanwhile, the STC…

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