The Sell-Off Shows Why You Need Cryptos in Your Portfolio

I just sent my Ultimate Crypto readers their new issue, and I want to share some of it with you today for a couple of important reasons.

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The first is what’s going on in the stock market right now. The second is what’s going on with cryptocurrencies.

The market got off to a strong start here in 2020, but the year’s gains were wiped out in the selling Monday and Tuesday as investors panicked over coronavirus fears. Stocks ended up down for the year yesterday, which makes the huge outperformance of cryptocurrencies even more impressive.

For example, the CIX100, which is a basket of the 100 largest coins that was created by Cryptoindex, is up 16.4% in the last 30 days. The six altcoins in our Ultimate Crypto portfolio are all part of the index, and they are flying as well. All six have taken off since we bought them, averaging a 32.8% gain in just seven weeks.

The current environment highlights important reasons why cryptos are now a must in a well-diversified portfolio.

The first and primary reason to own cryptos is the potential to make a lot of money … and I mean a lot of money. Cryptos are following their historical pattern and set for a big move in the coming months with bitcoin’s halvening catalyst now just three months away.

The halvening — or “halving” as it’s also called — means fewer new coins coming on the market. All the while, demand will continue to increase as cryptocurrencies go mainstream. This “supply shock” will ignite the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin has gone through two halvenings before, and each time resulted in explosive profits.

Things really started to take off in the three months leading up to the first halvening in 2012. Prices shot up more than 10,000% in just over a year. And beginning three months prior to bitcoin’s second halvening in July of 2016, the cryptocurrency surged 4,500% in just over 18 months’ time.

Guess where we are right now? Three months away from…

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