The real story behind Bitcoin Gold from one of its creators

With a beaming smile on his face, Bitcoin Gold co-creator Alejandro Regojo came bounding over to my table.

I’ll admit to being curious when it comes to Bitcoin Gold. Not as highly publicised as Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV, my knowledge was somewhat limited. I knew that it was one of the more successful Bitcoin forks, but beyond that, not much more.

Luckily, it’s Alejandro’s job to inform people all about BTG. And there’s nothing that he’s as passionate about as pushing its widespread adoption.

As you can probably tell by the name, Alejandro is Spanish. His English is impeccable, but he tells me he learnt more about the language during his year “studying Chinese” in China than the numerous trips his parents sent him on to the UK.

“I had to communicate with my colleagues,” he says, “and they were all speaking English.”

With a background in internet companies and a keen interest in finance, Alejandro was studying economics when he first found out about Bitcoin in 2015. He then immediately quit and threw himself “100% into Bitcoin”.

He knew right away that he didn’t want to study how fiat worked anymore because there was “no reason” to. “I understood that there was something newer and better,” he says.

Throwing himself 100% into Bitcoin

Despite his parents’ reaction, it was “one of the best ideas” he has ever had. He’d already racked up enough study hours and even had a couple of successful companies going.

“I realised that Bitcoin was my thing because it’s internet and at the same time it’s money, so I entered first as a researcher and then I started trading.”

Alejandro explains that for a person like himself with a background in economics and risk evaluation, it was a “good entry point to understanding the market from the inside”.

The journey from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Gold

If Alejandro was so captivated by Bitcoin, how did he end up being part of a team of developers who decided to fork it? The simple answer? To “fight…

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