The Real Reason Why Trump’s Plan to Reopen U.S. Economy Will Fail

  • Donald Trump is eager to reopen the U.S. economy so that things go back to normal.
  • Many Americans wont want to go back to public spaces when the lockdown is lifted.
  • A vaccine looks like the only way for the country to return to normal.

Many health experts have warned that widespread coronavirus testing should be implemented before reopening the U.S. economy. But Donald Trump doesnt listen. He wants to open up the country so that it can start to recover financially.

The president unveiled his three-phase plan on Thursday for states to reopen as soon as May 1 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Under the first phase, large venues like restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues and places of worship could reopen if they operate according to strict physical distancing protocols.

More testing could reassure people to go out to a certain extent, but the economy probably won’t go back to normal for a very long time.

Americans Arent Ready For Economy To Reopen

Americans seem not to be ready to get back to life like it was before COVID-19. The lockdown has changed the way we do things. When the lockdown is lifted, people will be afraid of going back to restaurants, movie theaters and other public places.

Restaurants will likely have to reduce seating capacity to respect social distancing. If they want to survive, they will have to offer take-out if they dont already. According to a Harris Poll survey of 2,013 Americans from April 11-13, 65% are more likely to get take-out than dine at restaurant.

People will also be wary of going back to movie theaters and to the gym. Almost eight in 10 (79%) are more likely to watch a movie at home than going to the theater (21%). A whopping 85% are more likely to exercise at home than to go back to their local gym (15%).

Online shopping is surging because people cannot go to stores. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has hired hundreds of thousands of employees to answer the increased demand.

COVID-19 is impacting Americansshopping…

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