The Real Reason the Stock Market is Surging – Hint: It’s Not Bernie Sanders

  • The stock market rallied again today.
  • Many think the surge was caused by Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race.
  • But the market has been rallying for days, based on hopeful news that the COVID-19 pandemic is peaking.

Against all odds, the stock market surged ahead yet again today. As unemployment continues to break records, and the housing market threatens to buckle, the stock market is somehow thriving.

Bernie announced he’s dropping out of the 2020 race, but that’s not why the stock market is surging. | Source: Twitter

Many analysts seem to think it’s because Bernie Sanders pulled out of the presidential race today, but that doesn’t explain this three-day rally. It appears though the COVID-19 pandemic may have reached its peak, for now.

Social Distancing Appears to Be Working

Promising signs continue to bolster hopes that we’ve made it to the other side of this pandemic. Even though the U.S. recorded its highest daily death toll of 1,800, hopeful signs are emerging from devastated areas, like New York.

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that hospitalizations are “reaching a plateau,” and growth is “starting to flatten.”

He added:

Change in daily ICU admissions is way down, and that’s good news. The daily intubations number is down, and that’s good news. The discharge rate is right about where it was.

The forecasting model of the White House lowered its projections of total U.S. deaths to 60,400 by August. This total is a far cry from the up to 240,000 deaths the Trump administration hinted at last week. For good measure, it’s also a far cry from a “hoax.”

Early adopters of ‘stay-at-home’ orders, like California and Washington, are showing promising signs as well. According to the Washington Post, one doctor in San Francisco said, “the ER is eerily quiet right now.”

Other Countries Are Showing Promise

Meanwhile, countries like New Zealand have managed to flatten the curve of infection with great…

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