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The tasting menu read as follows:

  • Pork Bahn Mi
  • Pork Char Siu Buns
  • Pork Dan Dan Noodles
  • Pork Katsu
  • Pork Shumai
  • Pork Sweet, Sour & Numbing Meatballs

It was quite the menu. And yes, I had a bit of everything on there. The verdict? Absolutely delicious.

It was some of the best tasting Vietnamese food I’ve ever had. But this wasn’t your typical tasting menu.

It was at a special invite-only media event at CES. The event was run by a company called Impossible Foods. And the thing about the tasting menu was not a single bit of pork was in any of the food.

That’s right, every one of those ‘Pork’ menu items didn’t have a single molecule of pig in them. This was the debut and the first public tasting in the world of Impossible Food’s latest ‘pork’ products made solely from plant-based ingredients.

This ‘meatless meat’ was astonishing. I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference in taste and texture from real pork. I passed comment to a fellow attendee that maybe this is the greatest practical joke of all time and it really was pork, that’s how good it tasted.

And I even commented to some friends of mine afterwards that I was ‘converted’. I would happily cook these Impossible Pork products at home and be quite satisfied with the taste and texture.

Impossible Foods are one of the world’s leading meat-substitute companies. You probably saw in 2019 the insane IPO and rollercoaster of Beyond Meat Inc [NASDAQ:BYND]. Well, Impossible Foods is a competitor, and while currently private, there’s talk of an IPO coming in 2020 as well.

I spoke to some friends about this, and some of them still dismissed this meat substitute trend as a ‘fad’. I think that’s naïve. And I called them out on it.

Until you taste these products you simply don’t understand how good they are. They have the potential to sit on supermarket shelves with the same levels of choice and abundance as regular meat.

The upside of course is that no piggies are hurt in the…

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