The PS5 Dual Shock 5 Patent Is Slightly Worrying

  • We’ve heard a lot of details about Sony’s next-gen PlayStation console, the PS5.
  • Recently the Dual Shock 5 appeared on the website of the Japanese patent office.
  • Some of the changes seem to be really good, but a few are sort of concerning.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PS5. We’ve heard a lot of exciting stuff about the PS5, from backward compatibility to supporting 8K resolutions.  However, the recent patent of a prototype Dual Shock 5 might cause a little concern but only a little.

The new patent images appeared on the Japanese patent office website J-PlatPat. While the overall design doesn’t seem to be all that different from the current generation controller, it does have a few subtle design changes.

Source: J-PlatPat

The Concerns are Mainly Minor

The first and most notable change is probably the analog sticks. They’ve been sized down a little bit, which doesn’t sound too bad but honestly, the DS4 thumb-sticks are already small enough. Sizing down the analog sticks is a baffling decision, but maybe it’s necessary for some of the new advanced features.

The big concern for anyone wanting to use PSVR is that the new model doesn’t have a light bar. While that’s not an issue for anyone who’s splashed out on proper move controllers, those who rely on the main controller might have some VR issues. Without the light bar, you’ll basically be forced to get those move controllers. I mean plenty of games already don’t work without them but still it’s slightly annoying.

The Dual Shock 5 has a Silver Lining

The other changes on the controller are much, much more pleasing, however. There is an increased battery life, which is a godsend, plus the DS5 will charge faster thanks to using the USB-C standard. There is also an improved speaker, which may lead to some interesting features within certain games on the system. Hopefully nothing as horrifying as the crying baby in Death…

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