The Pokemon Company Really Shouldn’t Be Suing Game-Hyping Leakers

  • Pokemon Sword and Shield were surrounded by leaks in the weeks before their release.
  • The Pokemon Company is trying to sue the leakers.
  • They really have no good reason for this lawsuit beyond throwing their weight around.

Leaks are a big part of the games industry. Some people avoid them like the plague while others seek them out. Pokemon Sword and Shield was a game which was rife with leaks before it’s release earlier this month. Now it looks like the Pokemon Company wants to punish those who are responsible.

According to Forbes, the Pokemon Company’s lawyers are trying to hunt down several individuals in the US thought to be behind the leaks. The source of the images appears to be the official strategy guide, which was supposedly ‘on lockdown’ up until the release of the game.

Where the Pokemon Leaks Came From

It seems like the two biggest targets for the lawsuit are Discord and 4Chan. Both companies are being subpoenaed for the real names of the users who were responsible for leaking the images. There are several reasons why subpoenaing one of those companies is probably not going to work out.

It seems like the lawsuit is basically on hold until the names can be found, meaning if they never are that the lawsuit will never go ahead. While Discord users have to provide personal information when they sign up, that is not true at all of 4Chan users. Although 4Chan does log IP addresses, it is likely that the leakers will have used a decent VPN if they had any sense.

This basically means that the Pokemon Company might be plumb out of luck. If they fail to get any personal information their lawsuit is dead in its tracks. Boohoo for them. Honestly, even if they can find these leakers’ personal information, they shouldn’t be suing them anyway.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Strategy Guide
The Sword & Shield Strategy Guide is the cause of the leaks according to the lawsuit. | Source: Amazon

The Pokemon Company are Seriously Punching Down

I’m not going to sit here and push the narrative that the leakers are poor…

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