The PC industry sees no gamers in 2019, just content creators

No one is simply a gamer anymore. Or at least that’s what most manufacturers over at Computex 2019 would have you believe. There was one overarching theme for this year’s PC hardware tech extravaganza in Taipei: content creation. And business is booming.

Computex is our favourite calendar event of the year. From the smallest brands to the world’s major manufacturing goliaths, it’s an open call to all purveyors of PC hardware and tech, and a giant playground for all those who rank tech gossip among their preferred pastimes. I can also assure you it’s a great place to get your 10,000 steps for the day into a single morning.

The show has always had one foot in B2B and another in gaming. In years gone by the focus on the latter has shifted from hardcore, LN2 overclocking products to the lightest, fastest competitive esports gear. But in 2019, esports itself has made way for another hot new trend. Yes, you’re all far more than gamers now – and, sorry, you have no say in the matter – you’re all megatasking, streaming, vlogging content creators making the ‘big bucks’ after putting your life on the web.

Creators are the new premium segment: a burgeoning addressable market most companies can utilise to upsell high-end product.

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It’s not just the usual prosumer brands taking a shot on this growing market, either. Gaming brands, including Cooler Master, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte Aorus, and Nvidia, all brought heaps of tools for content creators to the show.

Take the Aorus AIC for example, the “world’s fastest and largest” PCIe 4.0 SSD. Does it still hold that title since a week ago? Who can say, it might not have held that title for more than a few hours following the flurry of Computex announcements. Either way, this is a gaming branded Aorus product that’s built entirely for the growing content creation market. Hence the massive 8TB capacity, blisteringly fast 15,000MB/s speeds,…

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