The New Next-Gen Decentralized Trading and Exchange Platform – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Position Exchange’s Team is pleased to announce the launch of its new Decentralized Trading & Exchange Community driven platform.

What is Position Exchange?

Position Exchange is the new Decentralized Trading & Exchange platform, powered by a virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) and operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), aiming to bridge the gap between people and the cryptocurrency markets and enhance trading experiences.

The platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of Decentralized Finance whilst bringing the traditional Centralized Finance experience and tools onboard.

Position Exchange offers easy and accessible on-chain Derivatives trading with high leverage, low slippage and low costs on Crypto assets and much more to come.

“Our Vision is to build the most decentralized and community driven platform in the DeFi industry, where every single user plays an important part of the decisional process by having an effective role in defining and shaping Position Exchange and its future development.”

The Main Features

The core features of Position exchange consists of on-chain Derivatives trading on Crypto assets as a start (with a plan to expand into other assets in the future), NFTs, Staking, Farming as well as a Build feature offering easy and fast built on-top API creation.

Trading derivatives on Defi with a focus on Futures contracts

Staking POSI tokens into Pools and generating rewards

Farming that allows Liquidity Providers to earn rewards by facilitating transactions

Introducing POSI NFTs as a new feature with a process encouraging the community to hold tokens and maintain its stability

DAO and API building allowing a strong participation of the community on the future development of Position Exchange

A Token for the community: POSI

POSI is Position Exchange’s native BEP20 token empowering its ecosystem.

The POSI token is a hyper-deflationary token. Position…

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