The Money Token AI Assistant, Amanda, Will Provide Blockchain Backed Loans to the Crypto Community.

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Money Token team presents Amanda — the AI assistant behind the MoneyToken platform. The announcement was published on the MoneyToken blog.

It`s a groundbreaking concept — AI providing loan services to the crypto community.

Alex Rass, co-founder of

Getting a loan backed by crypto-assets just took another step forward. To create a lightning-fast platform and speed up loan approvals, MoneyToken team has created an artificial intelligence system — Amanda.

She will be providing loan registration and approval services based on cryptocurrency assets as collateral and loans in stable currencies.

Amanda will walk borrowers through and oversee the entire process, from loan application to automated status checks to repayment, and will alert them of any margin calls.

Tim Elfelt, Bitcoin evangelist via Twitter

Amanda will also be capable of:

  • Consulting with users of the platform on any questions
  • Helping out during MoneyToken’s Token Generation Event
  • Updating registered users and investors on any news and information

Amanda is the start of an amazing fusion of today’s technology — Blockchain meets AI. We are totally thrilled by what we have going on here; MoneyToken is building an ecosystem, not only to provide much-needed loan services, but also to create a platform that can take the crypto community to the next level.

Jerome MacGillivray, co-founder of

Amanda will be launching in a demonstration mode to showcase the features of MoneyToken in the second release of the platform.

What’s behind the MoneyToken project?

MoneyToken — A Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem.

MoneyToken includes:

  1. Cryptocurrency-backed Loan Platform.
  2. Stablecoin.
  3. MoneyToken Exchange service.

MoneyToken’s desire is to give the cryptocurrency investment community the means to leverage their crypto assets in return for usable stablecoins or fiat currency, providing you with the opportunity to stay in the investment game long-term and gain funding right now.

With MoneyToken, there is no reason to sell your BTC when you need cash or stable currency.

MoneyToken, has started the Private Sale on February 7th. The first platform release has begun.

More than $100,000 were contributed during the first 10 hours. 1,87% of the total token supply will be distributed with +40% bonus during the Private sale.

All users should join the MoneyToken Whitelist to gain access to the Private Sale.

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