The Leading Blockchain Development Companies in 2020

Blockchain is a reckoning force that bears the ability to bring targeted transformation in the traditional processes, streamlining it for a better, more digitally advanced and futuristic world. From financial services, healthcare, real estate to governance, blockchain has left its positive impression across sectors and continues to do so. With the world, accelerating fast towards mass adoption of blockchain technology, here I present a list of the leading blockchain development companies that are doing remarkable work within the domain.

HashCash Consultants

Founding Year – 2015

HashCash Consultants is a global software company that specializes in blockchain development and cryptocurrency solutions. They offer their blockchain products and services to global enterprises across industries including financial services, real estate, healthcare, etc.  These blockchain innovations enable organizations to move and settle financial assets while providing platforms for enabling payments, cross-border and otherwise. HashCash has its blockchain network, HC Net with a robust network of partners across geographies. From DApps development, smart contracts creation, ICO services, STO, to blockchain based remittances, they have a plethora of solutions, with scalable applications and products.

The company runs the US-based crypto exchange PayBito and offers white label crypto exchange software to its global clients. Apart from blockchain and crypto services, HashCash offer IT services and solutions concerning AI, cloud computing, Big Data, etc.

Key Services: Enterprise blockchain development & IT services


Founding Year – 2007

Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, LeewayHertz offers end-to-end blockchain services and solutions to a global clientele. Along with standard blockchain services and products like DApps, smart contracts, crypto development, ICO, STO, etc, they are known for their customized solutions as well. LeewayHertz has an experienced team that…

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