The Government temporarily restricts the layoffs caused by the coronavirus | Economy

The Cabinet has temporarily restricted layoffs while the state of alarm lasts, according to sources from the Executive. The move was claimed by the UGT and CC OO unions on Thursday.

In the absence of details, government sources point out that what the Council would have done is veto objective dismissals due to force majeure, for economic, technical, organizational and production reasons that allege the coronavirus. The measure would apply for the duration of the crisis.

The Executive has also agreed that “temporary contracts, including formative, relief and interim contracts, will remain in force until the end of the health crisis. When temporary contracts are suspended, their duration will be extended. This is a parenthesis for all ”, add the same sources.

The Government’s intention is that all the labor adjustment measures adopted by companies be done through the suspension of employment, that is, through an ERTE.

Almost two weeks have passed since the state of alarm was declared and a good part of economic activity was suspended. At this time, there is evidence that there has been an avalanche of ERTE that affects more than 1.5 million workers so far. The number of those affected by layoffs is still not so clear, although unions said Thursday that between contract terminations and the end of storms, March could end up taking a million jobs.

The Executive has also approved the streamlining of procedures to access the benefit. It has clarified what data companies must submit to public employment services so that workers affected by job suspensions can quickly access the aid.

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