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“The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous is a fan-favorite book among Bitcoiners that is constantly recommended to newbies and veterans alike. It serves as a fantastic reference to learn about the history of money and what makes money valuable: two critical factors informing the importance of Bitcoin.

I personally have written a few articles of my own about these topics and always find myself coming back to “The Bitcoin Standard” to gather information for my research. Learning the ins and outs of how money operates is a very interesting and beneficial thing for anyone to understand.

But even after reading this book, I found myself wanting to learn more. And, if you felt the same way, you’re in luck because I had the chance to discuss Ammous’s latest book, “The Fiat Standard,” with the author himself.

“The Fiat Standard” is the “debt slavery alternative to human civilization,” as described on its cover, and it will take readers on a deep dive into the monetary system and underlying technologies behind fiat money to find out exactly how it functions.

Fiat Money

In this podcast interview, Ammous and I dive into multiple topics surrounding fiat money, such as its foundational technology, the debt standard, fiat states and fiat banking.

Understanding how fiat operates in comparison to Bitcoin can be a difficult task. Since Bitcoin is an open-source protocol, it allows anyone and everyone to check its code down to the very last detail. Fiat, on the other hand, is protected by smokescreens that hide its operational methods, with an additional layer of propaganda promoted by people who benefit from it the most.

“So, I started distilling the operation of the fiat standard away from … the means of its promoters and its propaganda that is taught about it in schools, [to] just talking about it operationally: How does it actually work?” Ammous explained in our conversation….

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