The Ethereum Killer Is Already Here

Quietly, subtly, and without contest, Ethereum is currently under a sustained attack that has been ongoing for months.

Long considered the king of the dApps, Ethereum is the one that other blockchain platforms seek to dethrone in their own attempts at ascension. Hence the well-known term – Ethereum Killer – which is often self-applied by ambitious crypto projects looking to punch above their weight.

While those punches have thus far failed to land, it looks like Ethereum is now being assaulted on a completely different front by an unexpected foe: Binance.

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange now apparently refuses to list new tokens against ETH on its platform, and in some cases has even removed ETH trading pairs. That’s while Binance Chain continues to entice Ethereum-based projects to migrate to its blockchain – with the promise of an exchange listing they would never otherwise have had.

Is Binance quietly trying to make Ethereum an “un-crypto?” Let’s review the available evidence.

Binance Goes Cold on Ethereum

binance is the ethereum killer
Binance seems to be hitting Ethereum where it hurts: altcoin trading. | Source: REUTERS / Darrin Zammit Lupi

The Binance official announcement blog details new coin listings going back the previous several months. During that time, many new coins have been added to the Binance exchange. Some of those were launched on Binance Chain, and others moved there from Ethereum.

The earliest example we have is the listing of Ontology Gas (ONG) on February 15th. As per the announcement, ONG/BNB, ONG/BTC, and ONG/USDT trading pairs were launched.

The next coin listing came on March 23rd, when Celer Token (CELR) – a Binance Launchpad project – was listed on the exchange. Once again, we have CELR/BNB, CELR/BTC, and CELR/USDT trading pairs.

Just bear in mind at this point that Ethereum is the second…

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