The Ethereum Apps That Will Win the Joe Lubin vs. Jimmy Song Crypto Bet

If you’ve been tracking the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems in recent years, then you may remember the Lubin vs. Song bet.

Back in May 2019, Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin and Bitcoin evangelist Jimmy Song struck up a high-stakes deal. Per the agreement, Lubin would win if Ethereum had five unique dApps that achieved 10,000 in daily active users (DAUs) and 100,000 monthly active users (MAUs) by May 23rd, 2023. In kind, Song would win if those usage metrics weren’t met by that deadline. 

Accordingly, Lubin agreed to pay Song 69.74 BTC if he lost the bet, while Song agreed to pay Lubin 810.8 ETH if he lost the bet. The thrust was clear: Lubin was going all in that Ethereum would have significant use in a few years’ time, while Song was putting his chips on the opposite scenario.

Alas, the crypto die were cast. So how’s the bet looking now, almost a year and half later?

My Two Gwei …

This is an op-ed, so first let me quickly explain where my forthcoming opinions are coming from.

I’m a professional writer and editor. Since 2017, I’ve been working daily in tracking essentially everything Ethereum and have become a hands-on specialist in covering the platform and its many blossoming sectors, like decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and beyond.

All that said, I absolutely respect Bitcoin. I understand all the context and am reverent. But in my personal opinion, it’s seemed clear for some time that Ethereum was going to surpass the old master and turn a become a true tour de force in the world.

That’s what the heart of the Lubin vs. Song debate was getting at. And we’ve seen Ethereum ripping into that prominence all throughout 2020, in multiple regards. So I do personally think Lubin will handily win this bet.

In this article, then, I want to highlight the apps — decentralized or less-than — that I think will easily carry Lubin across the finish line in his bet with Song. Let’s dive in!


MetaMask is the leading Ethereum…

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