The era of Digital Assets – World Asset eXchange (WAX Blockchain)

WAX-Topps Launch

The Topps Company launches GPK cards on the WAX Blockchain

WAX-Topps Partnership

WAX Labs program now supports developers with a $2 Million fund

WAX Labs Announcement

In the wake of the pandemic, humanity is transitioning to a digital lifestyle. In this article we mainly focus on Digital Assets & WAX Blockchain.

Why Blockchain?-Blockchain technology allows collectors to enter a marketplace where they can purchase digital GPK cards,propose and execute trades, showcase their inventory,and search lists of others”

— The Topps Company

GöTEBORG, VäSTRA GöTLANDS LAN, SWEDEN, May 16, 2020 / — This is all crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the new normal in this society. In the wake of the pandemic, humanity is transitioning to the new way of living with everything going digital. Digital weddings, digital schools, digital governance, digital workplaces are becoming the new normal now. During this time, we are also seeing a significant development in terms of new digital solutions and innovations across all industries.

During my previous article, I talked about WAX Blockchain and how it is disrupting the gaming industry. Today, I would like to talk about the next big thing in the fintech and gaming industry – Digital Assets & Blockchains.

The concept of digital assets has come to limelight with the adoption of the gaming industry but it’s still pretty much limited to the niche market of the gaming community. But it is gaining a lot of traction now as the people across the globe are adapting to the new digital lifestyle. On the 12th of May, The Topps Company, the most prestigious global producer of trading cards listed Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) cards on the WAX Blockchain at and they are sold out in just 28hrs. Also, the trading of these cards has already begun in secondary markets like eBay, p2p, Simplemarket while creating a market volume of 314000 WAX tokens (~$10000) in less than 48hrs. This is fascinating to see that all of…

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