The Depressing Case of Scandal-Ridden YouTube Streamer Suzy Lu

  • YouTuber and Streamer Suzy Lu recently complained about losing her ability to upload videos.
  • She has been uploading nearly full episodes of anime onto her channel and ‘reacting’ to it.
  • It turns out that Suzy has a history of shady behaviour on and off of YouTube and Twitch.

Sometimes there are YouTubers and Streamers who just seem determined to be terrible people. If it isn’t Jake Paul setting fire to his neighborhood, it’s all false copyright strikes and trash-talking. Such is the case with Suzy Lu, a gaming/anime YouTubers and Streamer infamous for…well actually for quite a lot of things.

Suzy Lu started out primarily as a gaming YouTuber, uploading content based on games such as Resident Evil. These days she mainly just uploads reaction videos to anime episodes. And when I say ‘anime episode’ I mean pretty much entire anime episodes. Unsurprisingly, someone made a copyright strike against her channel.

Suzy Lu Doesn’t Come Across Well…as a Person

The entire thing all started when a Twitter account called ‘Comment Cop’ screenshotted several tweets relating to Suzy Lu. After she ‘appeared in YouTube Rewind’, she was upset when her channel was prevented from uploading content. According to her tweet, this was due to ‘mass strikes against anime channels’.

Comment Cop had juxtaposed this tweet against tweets made by Suzy Lu herself. After claiming a copyright strike against a channel called Mark After Dark she acted very unsympathetically. “You steal, you get striked’ was her opening words in a tweet to him about the situation.

Obviously, the intention of putting these two posts together is that the same philosophy also applies to her. Indeed this philosophy has been applied by Twitter users, numerous times.

Comment Cop then posted a video by YouTuber Nicholas DeOrio which covered a lot of the bad stuff Suzy Lu has been getting up to. It turns out that there’s a lot of shady behaviour going on behind the scenes in relation to…

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