The Crypto-Powered Augmented Reality App

Triffic is an AR rewards application that provides users with the ability to accumulate incentives through daily activities in their daily life such as walking around, running, transporting among different places, riding, and any other things you think you can do when moving.

Integration of virtual information into the real world is not something new in the gaming industry. Pokemon Go is a successful example of Augmented Reality.

It brought a great deal of attraction to everyone, especially those technology enthusiasts through an exciting gaming experience in a completely new and unique style than ever.

In the era of digital currency, AR has found itself in a transformative innovation as the high-end tech teams up with blockchain to bring on a new gamified app: Triffic.

So what is Triffic and how can users benefit from this app? We will find out in this article.

What is Triffic?

AR works to bring real-world experiences with virtual information to users. You can still move in the real world, from the streets, library, office to get rewarded and still be able to participate in catching Beacons on your own by interacting on the screen.

Triffic uses virtual interactive technology, so players will need a smart mobile device with a network connection (3G, 4G, etc…) and GPS enabled to check the location.

The key point is that the virtual interactive technology is first applied to the game, instead of sitting in one place, you will need to go to the street, walk around the park, go to the school, to the hospital to generate your rewards.

Each type of technology has its own uniqueness, Triffic doesn’t define itself as an entertainment product.

In fact, the approach goes beyond it and in a different direction. The mix of real and virtual with AR technology can create two situations in one environment without time or money spending.

With AR being as popular as it is, the potential for Triffic to become a worldwide trend is high. Users can immediately use their smartphone, or…

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