The crossover skills of tomorrow’s blockchain developer

When Bitcoin burst onto the scene and made blockchain one of the hottest technologies to come along in years, nobody quite knew how to prepare for a career that focused on it. The earliest developers came straight from the teams that built the major blockchain implementations or from a small core of true believers in the technology. Then, major corporations started to take notice and the talent pool was soon stretched to its breaking point.

Since then, programmers and developers from a wide variety of related tech disciplines have flocked to blockchain work. They’ve done so as big enterprises have started to invest heavily in the technology, making blockchain second only to AI in next-generation technology spending. That has made the role of blockchain engineer a lucrative one, as well as one that’s evolving on a near-constant basis.

The evolution has been so dramatic that it’s becoming clear that the next generation of blockchain professionals are going to need skills that their predecessors never had. Learning institutions have started to recognize this and are beginning to make blockchain a core component of interdisciplinary studies. Here’s a profile of what the blockchain developer of tomorrow might look like – and which crossover skills might be the most in-demand.

A strong security background

One of the key benefits of blockchain systems is that they’re extremely secure when implemented correctly. Unfortunately, the rapid adoption and development of recent blockchain systems haven’t gone so smoothly. There have been repeated instances of blockchains falling victim to hacks. Some have come from malicious actors taking control of over half of the participating nodes, while others have resulted from poor smart contract coding. Either way, they represent the kinds of risks that businesses can’t allow.

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That’s a big reason that companies investing in blockchain…

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