The Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit by Matt McCall

Matt McCall’s Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit video presentation is a program designed to help people make sense of the current crisis situation in which the COVID-19 pandemic seems to control everything. Those who can remain calm in this time period can learn a thing or two about investing and greatly profit from what’s happening at the moment.

Not to be confused with the Crisis Investing 2020 event, let’s review the details about InvestorPlace’s Matt McCall and his upcoming Crisis and Opportunity Investment Summit coming at the start of next month.

What Does the Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit Teach?

First of all, the Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit is a sales pitch, but Matt McCall is using it to talk about the market volatility caused by the Coronavirus. The video is meant to teach investors how to protect their investments and even how to find new opportunities for making more profits. It’s going to last one hour and cover 4 key aspects:

  • The markets’ current state
  • What should be done from now on
  • What investors need to do
  • The buy list for making solid profits

When Will the Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit Take Place?

The first video of the Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit has already been taken down, but there’s good news about it! Its second part will be broadcasted on 1st of April at 7 PM ET, and those who are participating will be given the opportunity to watch the first part too.

Who Is Matt McCall?

The creator of the Crisis & Opportunity Investment Summit is, as said before, Matt McCall, an experienced investment analyst and trader who has been active in the finance sector for over 20 years. He was Charles Schwab’s stockbroker and considered one of the world’s best stock pickers. Many people know him from TV, where he appears to comment on finance. He created many other investment strategies, amongst which Matt McCall’s Early Stage Investor and Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities are the most…

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