The continuing relevance of blockchain in 2019

One of the most widely discussed and searched topics on the web during 2017 and 2018 was blockchain technology.

Of course, with time, the hype has settled. As you can see below, courtesy of Google Trends, the number of people searching for information about the blockchain has decreased.

However, similar to the ICO craze of 2017, the reality is the space has now managed to cleanse itself of phony projects seeking to jump on the blockchain bandwagon with no real plan, and instead we’re left with a number of strong projects developing real-life use cases for the promising technology.

There are use cases in various different fields such as supply chain management, healthcare, and energy. However, my goal today is to focus on projects that offer tailored solutions on-the-go and which aim to bring non-crypto-related businesses into the field.

Payment providers

One of the best use cases for cryptocurrencies is as a means of payment for everyday items.

There’s already a plurality of established businesses offering this service like Coinsutra, BitPay, or Bitrefill (even Coinbase has created a payment card for its customers), but today I want to focus on two in particular that are currently gaining traction in the crypto space.

The first is Open Node, a project led by Rui Gomes and financed by Draper Ventures. The second is Utrust, a payment provider led by Nuno Correia, which had a very successful ICO during 2017.

While the projects differ from each other in a number of ways – one is a company directly funded by Bitcoin VC money while the other ran an ICO on the Ethereum blockchain and created its own token, UTK – their goals are quite similar: to bring cryptocurrencies to as many merchants as possible.

To achieve that dream, both companies are currently following KYC/AML regulation, which helps facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by organisations worldwide.

Rui Gomes recently spoke at the Baltic Honeybadger 2019 conference where he highlighted the importance of…

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