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On Wednesday, the author of the book “The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology,” William Mougayar, took to Twitter to share his fearless forecast on the possible year-end prices of top cryptos.

The crypto tokens that made Mr. Mougayar’s list include bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Binance Coin among others.

Strong end of the year predictions from William Mougayar. | Source: Twitter

What immediately caught our attention is the author’s predictions on the top two cryptos. Mr. Mougayar believes that bitcoin will print a new all-time high before the end of the year. Also, he thinks that Ethereum will be back at $1,000, which means a growth of over 360% in three months.

While everything is certainly possible in the world of cryptocurrencies, we asked around to see if active traders shared the author’s sentiment. We were not surprised to see their responses.

Analysts: Bitcoin Trading at $25,000 Before Year-End Possible But Unlikely

We asked seven technical analysts with sizable followings on Twitter if they see the number one cryptocurrency breaking the all-time high (ATH) and trading at $25,000 before the turn of 2020. Most of them said it is possible but it is doubtful.

For instance, Trader Max, also known as Bitcoin Jack said,

I doubt it, but who knows. Bitcoin will be Bitcoin.

The analyst added,

If we close the weekly above 11.6-11.7K I think there is a chance to reach for ATH this year. For now, sideways corrective seems most likely.

When asked the same question, cryptocurrency analyst Cole Garner replied,

It is possible but unlikely.

It’s the same story for Hsaka. The day trader said,

Anything is possible. I think it is highly unlikely though.

Beastlorion also said the same thing:

Anything is possible but I highly doubt it.

Scott Melker also responded to our query. He said,

Anything is possible. I would not be surprised at all.

Ian McMillan, CMT, also shared his view. The trader is less…

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