The Best Graphics Cards for Modders in 2019 – Gaming Today

It’s a question that actually comes up more often than not on our forums: “Which graphics card is best to run modded Fallout 4?”  It’s a good question, too. Games that run mods often tend to perform worse than stock versions for various reasons. So what should you, as a modder, look for when buying a GPU?

Given the recent instability in GPU prices this year thanks to crypto currency mining, this is a hard question to solve, it’s no longer prudent to just buy the highest end GPU on the market and call it a day, we need to more fully explore the reasons why games slow down when we throw mods at them.

 Graphic Enhancement Mods

There are various different types of mods available for most games, but the most taxing in terms of GPU are mods that enhance the graphics in some way or another. The most common are high resolution texture packs, mods that replace the in-game textures with much higher resolution versions that make the game world look cleaner and sharper. The problem with these types of mods isn’t one of raw GPU power: it’s one of memory. The higher resolution textures you tend to use, the more memory you’re going to want on your graphics card.

These days, 2GB really isn’t enough to enjoy high resolution textures at high screen resolutions. The minimum amount of GPU memory should be at least 4GB, but if you intend to load in 4K quality textures for ultra-HD gaming, then you’re going to want more.

The other type of graphical enhancement mod could be additional effects such as ENB or shader enhancements. For the most part, memory is also more important than raw GPU power in these scenarios. One area where more GPU power might be preferable is mods that enhance the detail of models, such as static meshes or NPC models. The more detail that is put into these models, the more GPU power is going to be required.

In any case, you’re going to want a graphics card that supports features that take work away from the CPU and puts it onto the GPU,…

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