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The promise of Bitcoin remains intact because its design circumvents the fragile human ego in ways that no other human endeavor ever has.

The human ego is a fragile thing. It’s quick to judge, insecure, easily manipulated and it gets attached to things through identification. It holds on to ideas and beliefs at all costs, often against our own interests and despite real world observations to the contrary. No one faces a struggle more difficult than what their own ego creates and the one thing that threatens our survival as much as anything else is the fragility of the human ego. Our best intentions are hijacked by it, paving the road to hell on earth.

It isn’t just genocidal government coercion that threatens our survival, but the fact that we fall for it. That, and our inability to see past our differences and find commonality in response to it. Egos become so intertwined with beliefs, creating a sense of self-inflated importance, that debates become pointless and serve little purpose other than reinforcing that same identification, superiority and division.

This has brought the world to a crossroads where we risk our own extermination through the perfect application of the old adage: divide and conquer. Only, we’re the ones dividing ourselves, leaving the human race vulnerable to be conquered by its own weakness.

No one can escape it. And we, those in the Bitcoin community, are no exception. Look no further than the botched attempt by Roger Ver to hijack Bitcoin, hiding behind the idea that Bitcoin can scale through an increase in block size alone. Or the ongoing saga involving that infamous character claiming to be Satoshi, a claim that was initially supported by Gavin Andresen, one of the original Bitcoin developers, despite all evidence to the contrary.

These people no longer pose a serious threat to Bitcoin, but at different times they may have. Despite the fact that Ver and Andresen may have started out with the…

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