The Advent Calendar of Bigg Cash Counting Down to Christmas In Good Cheer

Article by Bigg Cash on Altcoin Magazine

In the history of money, most currencies have been questioned, tried, fanaticized or rushed. However, digital currency based on blockchain technology is completely managed by mathematical algorithms and has its own unique feature of immutability. Innovative technologies have enabled digital currencies to break through geographical and cultural barriers and they are now marketed internationally

One such digital token is BIGG CASH. On 29 November 2019, BIGG CASH was officially listed on digital exchanges A.Top and TokenBank (TBEX). Its value immediately burgeoned by 400% within the first hour, from its initial listing price of US$0.20 to more than US$1. It has since continued to experience a steady rise in the ensuing 25 days as it garners increasing interest from the masses.

Day 1–0.9981USDT Rise 399%

Day 2–1.0225USDT Rise 2.4%

Day 3–1.0339USDT Rise 1.14%

Day 4–1.0535USDT Rise 1.89%

Day 5–1.0734USDT Rise 1.89%

Day 6–1.0907USDT Rise 1.64%

Day 7–1.1071USDT Rise 1.5%

Day 8–1.1226USDT Rise 1.38%

Day 9–1.1475 USDT Rise 2.17%

Day 10–1.1685 USDT Rise 1.80%

Day 11–1.1858 USDT Rise 1.46%

Day 12–1.1938 USDT Rise 0.80%

Day 13–1.2000 USDT Rise 0.52%

Day 14–1.2161 USDT Rise 1.32%

Day 15–1.2251 USDT Rise 0.73%

Day 16–1.2456 USDT Rise 1.65%

Day 17–1.2533 USDT Rise 0.77%

Day 18–1.2657 USDT Rise 1.24%

Day 19–1.2879 USDT Rise 1.72%

Day 20–1.3288 USDT Rise 3.08%

Day 21–1.3611 USDT Rise 2.37%

Day 22–1.3825 USDT Rise 1.55%

Day 23–1.4222 USDT Rise 2.79%

Day 24–1.4415 USDT Rise 1.39%

Day 25–1.4711 USDT Rise 2.10%

As an ERC-20 token, BIGG CASH uses cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain encryption and stands out as the Currency for Asia’s Social Health. It does so not simply because of the advanced technology behind it, but because it was founded to establish a credible and reliable relationship between Asian SMEs and users.

BIGG CASH has recently found new development ground in China, where it will be used to develop BIGG…

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