The adoption of Bitcoin Cash with @Bitcoinbileto is ready, the day after tomorrow We begin with the visit of commercial stores! (Support us, we have a gift for you) : btc

The Bitcoin cash adoption campaign in my border city between Venezuela and Colombia with the support of @Bitcoinbileto is completely ready, we have printed the adoption brochures, the labels of “Here accept your payments with Bitcoin cash” that will be pasted on the counters , as well as the brochures of our allies of @Bitcoinbileto. We are ready to disseminate the information!!

We are happy and pleased to announce the date for the start of visits to different business premises to conduct interviews with the owners as well as make conversations indicating and demonstrating the payment processes with #BitcoinCash. The date will be WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2020; it could not be tomorrow as a march is called for opposition to the government, which causes commercial premises to close their doors for security.

Thanks to the contributions and donations of the users of reddit we have managed to buy a device that will help us a lot in the Bitcoin cash adoption campaigns when visiting the commercial premises, a 4G LTE Wi-Pod mode, this device will allow us carry out wallet operations through mobile devices with an optimal signal regardless of whether the electric service is in rationing by the State.

We must thank @Bitcoinbileto (twitter user) for believing and supporting this project, for this reason we will leave a TICKET in the following image with which you can obtain BITCOIN CASH just by scanning it. I wish the person who scans it with the Wallet luck and randomly get up to $ 20 prize.

If you are interested in supporting this adoption campaign in my city you can leave your comment and if you wish to make a donation you can make it to this address BCH, donation that will be used to continue with the Bitcoin cash adoption campaign in the different commercial stores of my city.


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