The 21 Best Bitcoin Projects Of 2020 – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine has compiled this list to highlight the 21 companies and projects that we think did the most for Bitcoin in 2020. We admit that this grouping is far from perfect, but our team did its best to objectively curate those that made the biggest impact on the BTC ecosystem this year. Of course, this was a very difficult process and we decided to leave off some projects that may have had a massive impact on Bitcoin the past, but whose influence this year in particular did not rise to make the cut.

2020 may have been an incredibly trying year collectively for humans on planet earth, but it was also a historically productive year in the Bitcoin ecosystem. As the world continues to experience turmoil and tribulation, it’s clear that humanity will increasingly turn to the Bitcoin network. For that reason especially, we are honored to highlight these 21 incredible projects and companies for the massive impact that they made to the Bitcoin community this year — plus, we rounded out the list with nine honorable mentions. The following are listed alphabetically, along with some basic info about what they are bringing to the world of Bitcoin and why we wanted to highlight them.

Bitcoin Magazine could not be more excited about Bitcoin’s forward march and we are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant community!


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Category: Exchange

This year, Bisq provided the most censorship-resistant on-ramp and off-ramp for Bitcoin. Bisq is designed to be the exchange of last resort and it has made some massive strides in 2020, including adding SegWit support.

Blue Wallet

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Category: Wallet

Blue Wallet shipped like crazy in 2020 and served as the most full-featured iOS bitcoin wallet on the market. It was also one of the most cutting-edge mobile wallets in Bitcoin.

BTCPay Server

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Category: Infrastructure

BTCPay’s status as an open-source payment…

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