The 2021 Bitmain Partner Summit was Successfully Held, Establishing a Stronger Platform to Foster a Win-win Partnership Approach

On March 12, Bitmain held the “2021 Bitmain Partner Summit” in Shenzhen, China. The summit aimed to foster a new win-win partnership approach with the company’s customers and partners for the future development of the mining industry. Many of Bitmain suppliers, customers, and strategic partners gathered at the summit. Chairman Zhan Ketuan and several company executives attended the summit.

At the meeting, Mr.
Zhan presented a keynote speech on the current situation of the industry and
reformation trends. Several executives from Bitmain also shared corresponding
presentations on their respective segments.

2021 Bitmain Partnership Summit

Mr. Zhan pointed
out that the current digital currency mining industry has entered a mature and
stable period. As the total market value of global digital currencies is
approaching USD 2 trillion, new changes have taken place in the global
distribution of computing power. The share of overseas computing power has
expanded and crypto mining concept
stocks have emerged in the US capital market.

Since its
establishment in 2013, Bitmain has had the ambition of developing advanced technologies
and continuous innovation to achieve long-term technological leadership. At
present, the Antminer brand covers all mainstream POW digital currencies and has
maintained outstanding performance attaining the world’s largest market share.

Mr. Zhan also
clarified the future development policy of Bitmain, explaining that the company
will continue to expand the development of computing power. Adhering to the
concept of “Openness, Cooperation, and a Win-win Partnership”
approach, Bitmain aims to achieve long-term cooperation with more excellent
supply chain partners and will continue to enrich mining pools, data centers,
and cloud computing services. Ecological partners in the fields of energy,
energy recycling, etc., will provide a solid guarantee for the long-term
investment value of customers.


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