The ‘12 Days of Zombie Christmas’ to auction NFT holiday horrors for charity

Darren Kleine, known to most by his handle DKleine, is an NFT artist with a decidedly specific niche — Zombies. We’re talking crypto zombies, political zombies, mustachioed Salvador Dali zombies. Zombies of all shapes, sizes, and orientations! If it’s green, dismembered, and loves the savory taste of a good brain, it’s ripe for tokenization (and charity) so far as Mr. Kleine is concerned.

What started as a quasi-political statement just a few short months ago (his first zombie NFT was a decaying Donald Trump, still running for president in 2040) has now blossomed into a fully matured signature aesthetic. And with his creative output growing more popular by the day on blockchain marketplaces like Open Sea and Known Origin, Kleine concluded that the holiday season was a splendid time to exercise a little peace on earth and good will to all.

On December 12, Kleine will list the first of twelve Christmas-themed NFTs in a series titled The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas with 80% of the proceeds to benefit children’s charities. Each artwork in the single-edition series will depict a scene from a classic holiday film, but with a deliciously gruesome twist — all of the characters are either undead… or soon will be.

A Zombie Brown Christmas by DKleine.

“I’m not changing them a lot. I’m changing them enough that it’s just slightly uncomfortable, but there’s still kind of a joy to it. There’s still something beautiful about it,” Kleine explained in an interview with Cointelegraph. Carouseling through a sneak preview of his upcoming pieces, he continued:

“Here’s the ‘Christmas vacation’ one. Clark Griswold and his cousin Eddie are shopping for brains at Walmart. I really like that awkward moment in ‘Elf’ where he’s eating the spaghetti with jelly beans. So I took that, but I changed them to intestines. Star Wars Holiday Special is still in the works.”

They’re truly something to behold.

To explain his personal brand of phantasmagoria, Kleine launched…

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