Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Play the Original South Park Game

  • South Park on PS1/N64 is the perfect Thanksgiving title.
  • It features killer turkeys to murder.
  • While not the best game going, it’s certainly nostalgic for the holidays.

Thanksgiving is here. A time for family gatherings and stuffing yourself full of turkey and alcohol. With so many people getting together, it’s also the perfect time to avoid annoying relatives by playing video games. Although you might struggle to find a game that is appropriately Thanksgiving themed.

If you’re journeying back to your family home, then you might be able to dig out your old PS1 or N64. If so, then the perfect Thanksgiving game does exist out there. Look no further than South Park.

South Park Thanksgiving - Turkey in the mist
It seems like South Park may have come down with a bad case of ‘Silent Hill.’ | Source: CCN/William Worrall

A Very South Park Thanksgiving

South Park might seem like an odd choice as a Thanksgiving game, but trust me – it makes sense. The plot of South Park basically revolves around a meteorite which is causing some strange goings-on in the small mountain town. One of the things the meteorite is doing is making the local turkey population hyper-aggressive. You and the other South Park boys have to take them on and save your town.

In truth, turkeys are only the first type of enemy that you come across. In later levels of the game, you have to face off against evil clones, aliens, and the like. That hardly matters though since South Park sort of has this ‘so bad it’s good’ thing going on, meaning you probably won’t want to play once you’ve killed all those turkeys.

South Park Thanksgiving - Cutscene
The cut-scenes are pretty blurry. | Source: CCN/William Worrall

Those Turkeys Are Coming Straight for Us!

The weirdest thing about South Park is that it’s actually an FPS game. Because it was made pre-Halo, the controls are a little awkward. Aiming can be a bit of a pain, but you barely need to do it. Just move backward and shoot and you’ll come out on top.

You have a variety of weapons to choose from. Snowballs,…

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