Tezos co-founder could launch Emergents game on alternative blockchain

  • Tezos’ co-founder, Kathleen Breitman, is uncertain whether the Emergents card game will be launched in an alternative blockchain. 
  • Arthur Breitman, the other Co-founder, leaves the company’s technical advisory board.

Last month Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman announced the launch of the Emergents card game. The game is the first product of the blockchain development company, Coase. In mid-March, the product announcement said that it would launch on Tezos’ blockchain. However, Breitman claimed that Emergents could be launched on another blockchain.

Emergents is in its alpha stage and is a card game that seeks to solve the problems of Magic and create an economic and competitive system by taking advantage of blockchain technology. Emergents players will be able to buy and own the cards they want on a market platform. Originally the cards were going to be tokenized in the Tezos blockchain.

Emergents is not tied to Tezos’ platform

On April 5 this year, Kathleen Breitman wrote that it has not been decided on which platform Emergents will be launched. The whitepaper states that the creators of Emergents were inspired by the card game Magic: The Gathering to create some elements, such as the combat system. Magic is a collectible card game that can be played by two or more players. Each player uses an individual deck, the cards are used to cast spells and other effects that aim to defeat the opponent. However, Magic has a series of problems that have not found an efficient solution. These problems were to be solved using the Tezos blockchain. Breitman added:

The white paper doesn’t describe any feature that could not be satisfied by any other smart contract platform. I have an obligation to my investors to pick a platform with certain properties, and I am not bound to Tezos.

The co-founder of Tezos could opt for Ethereum, EOS, TRON or one of her competitors, but Breitman says she has “reservations for every other platform”. Uncertainty over the launch of…

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