Tesla’s Bizarre Cybertruck Showcases Elon Musk at His Insane Best

  • Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck to a stunned crowd in Los Angeles.
  • The newest Tesla is ugly but also incredibly tough.
  • Musk’s bulletproof new truck needs to stand out from a myriad of competitors, and there’s no question it will.

The Cybertruck has been unveiled and it’s probably the wildest thing Elon Musk has ever presented. Tesla’s latest project is a combination of bizarre styling and bulletproof brawn.

Elon Musk Promised The Cybertruck Would Be Outlandish And He Delivered

Say what you like about Elon Musk and his company Tesla, but the man knows how to put on a show.

The futuristic red-lit laser show opening for his new all-electric truck was an homage to the future complete with a hologram cyber girl. The billionaire provided his usual staccato introduction, before unveiling the most bizarre looking thing in Tesla history.

Musk had warned us that the Cybertruck might not be to everyone’s taste, and he was right. The boxy Lotus Esprit from the James Bond film, the “Spy Who Loved Me” was the inspiration, and the new Tesla looked like a panel for panel copy.

Even the gathered faithful laughed incredulously at Musk’s base price of $39,000, before he unveiled a far sleeker-looking ATV.

Tesla Seeks To Woo Elusive Southern Consumers

In launching the Cybertruck, Elon Musk has several clear goals. Firstly, he is trying to lay the groundwork for Tesla’s foray into one of the most lucrative (and competitive) US automobile markets.

Secondly, in creating a light truck, he likely hopes to capture the imagination of consumers in states where Tesla ownership remains low, and the pick up is a status symbol.

This was even more obvious as plenty of the show was dedicated to showing how strong the Cybertruck is. Musk had employees hit it with a sledgehammer, before demonstrating it was bulletproof to a 9mm handgun.

Sadly, the test to show how strong the “Armour Glass” is failed spectacularly as the metal ball did break the glass, prompting an f-bomb from Musk and…

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