Technology start-ups supply over 7,000 jobs in Flanders

The analysis also implies that start-ups tend to be a strikingly metropolitan trend. Most start-ups in Flanders are situated in Ghent with 157 organizations plus in Antwerp with 131 organizations. Brussels plus the Brussels-Capital region lead right here with 279 start-ups. When it comes down to job creation, things tend to be just a little various, because here, with 636 staff members, Ghent has actually 513 jobs ahead of Brussels. Antwerp is somewhat behind with just 291 start-up employees in the third destination.

It is striking, nonetheless, that many start-up staff members tend to be guys, with a share of 73per cent. However, HIVA and Sirris discovered that increasingly more ladies are doing work in such organizations. In the time 2016-2017, how many feamales in such organizations had increased by 4per cent set alongside the earlier 2 yrs. Incidentally, most start-up peers tend to be more youthful than 30 yrs . old.

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