Tech For a New Era of AI & Blockchain

Uniworld is an inclusive AI & Blockchain ecosystem with the vision to bring technologies closer to human’ life and raise living standards everywhere.

To achieve its goals, Uniworld provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-tech applications and solutions, which are constantly researched, developed, and renovated by Unilab DAO Network.

The group is an international organization founded in 2013 and is active across the world, with operations in Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, and Vietnam.

Currently, Uniworld’s main base is located in Singapore, with the legal business registration license certified by the island city’s authority. Singapore is a great place for any kind of blockchain development and offers a rich talent pool, as well as intelligent investors.

So far, Uniworld has been focusing on 2 important product layers:

  • The core products of Uniwolrd consists of 2 major components, which are Unichain (an in-house blockchain technology with the power to widely expand the scope of blockchain use) and Unibot (an AI platform with deep self-learning ability).
  • Thanks to the accomplishment of the above 2 core layers, Uniworld has studied and produced a variety of practical products, one of which is called Unime. This product combines the nature of Unichain and Unibot. Specifically, Unime forms a bridge that connects people with a smart society.

More Innovations from Uniworld are Coming

In the very near future, Uni group is planning to raise funds from the blockchain community by issuing the coin Unicash (UNW) which can be used for any transactions in its ecosystem.

To make themselves stand apart when compared to other services using tokens and offering whitepapers, Uniworld has completed building a separate mainnet to nourish “their own coin Unicash / UNW as the native cryptocurrency of Ecosystem.”

More information about Uniworld ecosystem can be found right here.

Learning More About UniChain

UniChain is a unique blockchain platform that…

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